Primary and Secondary Plant Design and Commissioning

The commissioning of large central plants requires a thorough understanding of the new technologies that enable a facility to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Primary Integration has provided commissioning services for substations. Our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have in-depth experience with the design and programming of relays and PLC, SCADA and digital controls, and expertise in the application and integration of these technologies into the operation of large central plants.

This includes SAT and FAT (Site and Factory Acceptance Testing).

Infrared Scanning

Also referred to as Thermographic Scanning which involves scanning for hot spots and abnormal heating patterns thus enabling the detection and repairing of defects before they result in in juries, equipment failure and even power outages.

Maintenance and Fault Analysis

This involves the inspection of various equipment, cleaning of insulating members and the appropriate testing of various devices to ensure good quality, durability and most importantly, safety and preventing unnecessary outages.

The main focus areas are:

  • Substation maintenance
  • Fault analysis
  • Stand by
  • Technical support
  • Audits and testing
  • Maintenance, Repairs & installation of High Voltage Breaker (6,6KV-132KV) oil, SF6 gas vacuum
  • Refurbishment of ring main units/switchgears
  • Maintenance of medium voltage transformers & mini-subs
  • Oil sampling


A comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of power system protection, current best practice, protection system management and new developments in protection technology.

The training covers amongst others:

  • Practical Training
  • Role of Protection
  • Fault Calculations
  • Measuring Transformers and Transducers
  • Protection of Radial Networks
  • Protection to improve Security in Non-radial Networks
  • Transformer and Transformer Feeder Protection
  • Protection in Systems with Generators
  • Advanced Protection Techniques
  • Relay and Substation Communications
  • Application of Modern Relays and Case Study
  • Radial Feeder Protection – Case Study


Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. Power plant retrofit includes changing of old electro mechanical relays to IEDs improving power plant efficiency / increasing output / reducing emissions.

Metering and SCADA Systems

Nerm Applications and Testing specialises with statistical, tariff metering and power quality management systems for all substations and factories. We also offer automation and SCADA systems for all substations and factories (61850).

Cable Testing and Fault Location

We do the following cable testing services:

  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable Route Tracing and Mapping
  • Cable Avoidance / Live Scanning
  • Cable Identification
  • Cable Phasing
  • Earth Resistivity Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Tan Delta Testing
  • Sine-wave Pressure Testing
  • VLF 0.1Hz Testing
  • AC Pressure Testing
  • DC Pressure Testing
  • Sheath Testing