Company Background

After years of working together, the founders of NERM realized that they not only shared the same dream and vision of building an empire of their own but the drive of making it a reality was equally as strong in all of them. They met in 2007 and since then the extensive nurturing and moulding of their idea went under way and in February of 2013, NERM was born.

The line of work that the founders did before NERM, involved travelling to various countries in Africa. They turned their hard work into a key motivator and driving force behind their hunger to form a company of their own and nonetheless travelling is still involved in the company due to the line of work, and the aim is of branching out to eventually become an internationally recognized service provider, NERM has most of its clientele based in South Africa.

NERM Applications and Testing (Pty) Ltd is a fully BEE compliant company with offices in Gauteng, South Africa. The objective of the company is to provide the best service in the power systems engineering industry. These services are applied in the SADC region and expanding throughout Africa with future expansion to go global. The engineers have extensively worked in different African countries including numerous projects throughout South Africa.

Each of our engineers has a very good reputation in Africa and Southern Africa. With this in mind we aim at providing value adding service to our clients allowing them to achieve the bottom line benefits of their core business.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a sustainable, profitable and world class leader in the power systems engineering industry.

The mission is to strive towards value-adding services to our clients, through dedication, quality and innovative engineering solutions.

Some of Our Products

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Our Objectives

The aims and objectives of our company are meeting and exceeding customer requirements through superior service, professionalism, integrity and environmentally friendly processes.

To provide cost effective quality solutions to clients, to be actively involved in the projects industry, develop projects at all levels of conceptual planning, implementation and maintenance. We intend to be actively involved in transferring our skills to the disadvantage.